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Fedoras: Forever Alone

A compilation of the worst offenders in fashion: fedora wearers. Here we collect images of the men (mostly) of OkCupid who message us while wearing these horrible hats that are an instant deal breaker. A fedora speaks volumes about one's character. It implies that he is a basement dwelling, live action role playing, no social skills having, complete and utter geek in the worst sense of the word. Nobody looks good in a fedora (or at least nobody looks better), but these are the chumps that, not only look bad in them, but have single handedly brought the fedora so far out of fashion that we don't think that anything will bring them back. Shame on you geeks of America! Here is your wall of shame.






the more i think about it, the weirder this comment seems. how does this man know that being a male lion is more stressful than being a female lion. has he lived as both a female and male lion before. is this man an Animorph


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i made a brony on the sims

this is the first thing he did when i turned the free will on

this speaks volumes to me.

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I quit life…This actually is a thing…. Wtf…

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Have some TomPreston on your dash. Enjoy! :D

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How did I not know I am Facebook friends with this person?

Oh dear


i could just…. reach out and en d this


>Shitty Walmart trilby with tacky colorway
>FIngerless gloves (weight lifting gloves at that)
>Longsleeve shirt under short sleeve shirt

He probably says things like “I like knives more than guns because it takes more skill”.